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Web hosting

As was announced on the front page, Induced IRC is currently prepared to offer room owners the option of running room websites hosted on our servers. The allotment for each room is 10MB which will be free of charge and unlike Geocities and Tripod, contain no advertising banners and annoying popup windows.


  • The webspace may not be used to host illegal files, sounds, images, music, videos, or host any material that is not in keeping with the values or ethos of this network.
  • The webspace may not be used to promote or encourage any illegal activity.
  • The front page of the website MUST contain a crawlable link to Instructions on the best ways to do this are here.
  • The webspace may not contain any malicious files or scripts.
  • The webspace may at no stage actively promote or contain a link to any other IRC service or be used for personal or commercial reasons.
  • The server administrator reserves the right to enforce these conditions - failure to comply with these conditions may result in a warning or removal of any illegal material, any file that places an undue load on the server or the whole account altogether.

The free webspace contains features including: 10 MB of space (way more than enough for the average site of this type), ASP server-side scripting, MS Access database (Requires you to have Access installed so you can set up the tables), all file types allowed subject to the terms above.

To apply for free webhosting please fill out this form. After this you will get an automated response which will indicate the successful arrival of your application. At a later stage you will receive a reply with your username, password and other details required to allow you to administer your webspace.