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Acceptable use

The seven deadly sins

As said elswhere on this site, we want everyone that uses our IRC network to experience the freedom that comes with it. To provide that freedom which you won't get on most other networks we simply ask you to obey the law. In making this request we'll remind you of a couple of those things and hope that you will co-operate. To make life easy, the seven deadly sins are:

  • Flooding or cloning. (puts an un-necessary load on the servers)
  • Stalking or harassing other users. (we started this network to get away from that stuff)
  • Advertising of anything. (Spam sucks, this is a CHAT server, flog your wares elsewhere please)
  • Distributing software. (Try using a website or FTP server, they are more efficient protocols)
  • Distributing pornography. (This stuff is covered by ratings issued by the ACA)
  • Host or run botnets. (Warrants a sudden and instant g:line - get a life)
  • Hack or destroy data on our networks. (Report to police and ISP will follow at all times)

Any or all of these things will annoy the opers greatly, mostly because they are all offences punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. Plese help us make Induced IRC a 'low maintenance' network by refraining from any of the above. Apart from this there are no specific room rules in our default system room, #Chat. The other rooms are run by those who have opened them and they are entitled to either run a rule-free room or decide on specific rules for their room. If you disagree with how a room is run, rather than make a fuss, just start your own room. If it's good enough then you'll get plenty of chatters in there. If you have a home network and more than one user who wants to chat on our network then these connections are welcome upto a maximum of seven. Most networks only allow three. If you chat from a school, tech college or university and believe that more than seven connections will be necessary from one address, get ask your institution's system admin to email us with a request for a trigger which is a function that bypasses the clone limit.

Commercial operations

We don't object to commercial operators running rooms on our servers but we do advise that we do not offer a warranty or service level guarantee of any kind in relation to this. Induced IRC is owned and run by privateers and our only promise is that we are here today and could be gone tomorrow. You won't be charged a fee (unless notified) for running commercial chatrooms here but at the same time you can't hold us liable if we disappear from the radar screen. If you try to sue us then expect us to laugh at you over a conversation at our next camping trip.


Induced IRC is based in New South Wales, Australia and as such the laws of New South Wales shall apply to how this network is run and managed.


Whilst all due care is taken to ensure quality of operation on our servers, we accept no responsibility for any kind of loss or damage suffered by anyone in relation to their use or misuse of this network. The liability for loss or damage resides with the end-user. Our decision not to exercise any right we have under law is not a waiver of such rights. We reserve the right to scan your connection to our network for unsecured proxies. If your firewall tells you we are scanning some of your ports, this is the proxy scan in use and is nothing to worry about. All IRC servers do this automatically. The use of proxies to mask your real connection is not necessary here because we provide you with address hashing as a customer service.