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Below is a selection of chat programmes to allow you to bypass the webchat service. Installing one of these can offer extra features and connection reliability. Please note that Induced IRC does not warrant any of these regarding fitness for a purpose as these programmes are written by other people. Additionally, this website contains instructions (including screenshots) on how to connect to Induced IRC with mIRC but all other programmes are unsupported - if you favour something other than mIRC we'll assume you will already know what you are doing.


mIRC is by far the most popular chat programme in the world and is used by millions of people across just about every IRC network. mIRC is authored by Englishman, Khaled Mardam-Bey, and contains features that will never be included in other brands of IRC software. mIRC is a shareware offering and its licence permits free use for 30 days. After this you need to register at a cost of about AU$25.00 or the cost of two packets of fags - very cheap. The licence is only purchased once and gives you mIRC plus updates forever. mIRC contains instructions on how to register at the end of the free use period.

Download mIRC from the Induced IRC Downloads Section here.

X Chat

X Chat was originally written for Unix-like operating systems but is now also available for Windows. X Chat is a stable and feature-rich programme with an attractive user interface that appeals strongly to those who like the free, open source software environment. X Chat comes with a freeware licence for those using a Unix-like operating system. For those using a flavour of Windows there is a shareware licence costing the same as mIRC, about AU$25.00 at the time this page was written. Information on how to register X Chat is contained in the programme's help file.

Download X Chat for Fedora Linux from the Induced IRC Downloads Section here.

Download X Chat for Windows from the Induced IRC Downloads Section here.

mIRC Scripts

Below is a selection of full scripts for those preferring mIRC but with the added functionality of a trusted script. If you have a mIRC script you would like us to host for you then please contact an oper in #Help for information. There is a requirement that you chat on Induced IRC regularly to take advantage of this offer. Your script will also be reviewed by us before hosting is granted. NOTE: We will not host IRC war scripts under any circumstance so please do not bother asking.

Silver Edition
Author: zerobyte.
Release date: January 2000

A one of a kind type of mIRC script - I personally havent seen anything like it. This script takes aspects of many irc clients such as PIRCH, klient, x chat, BitchX, ircII and brings it into one neat mIRC package. The script includes custom dialogues, custom server raw replies, dynamic popups, a new look join/part/ etc interface (very pirch like), flood protection plus loads more!

This script has set new standards in scripting - with over two thousand downloads in the first 2 weeks of its release it is one of the best mIRC scripts out there. There have been many imitators, but this is the one and only.

Download Silver Edition from the Induced IRC Downloads Section here.

I have something to offer, Will Induced host it for me?

We will think about it! If you have a script or addon that you want to distribute but you don't have any Web or FTP space then we will consider hosting it for you providing it is safe, with no virii or backdoors and that you can demonstrate that it will contribute to the success of our network in some way. For more information please see a host in #Help.