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Linking to us from your website

You are welcome to link to us from your website providing you only link to our front page located at and not any of the back pages. We welcome either a text link or a link using our official logo which should be kept seperate from other logos present on your site by way of at least 3 pixels on any and all sides of the logo so that we cannot be confused with or associated with other sites by your visitors. Please use the following HTML for your links so that search engines can follow your link to us, and in case of the graphic link, so that when we change our logo in future times, the link on your site will be updated automatically so that you have less maintenance to do.

Text link

<a href="" title="Induced IRC Network">Induced IRC Network</a>

Graphic link

<a href="" title="Induced IRC Network"><img src="" alt="Induced IRC Network" /></a>

NOTE: There is no need to upload the image in the graphic link to your site. The HTML contained within will show the link automatically. Also, if you need some CSS in the IMG tag to get rid of the ugly blue/purple border, this is fine.

Links to other websites

If you would like a link here to your chatroom website then please email us and we will place the link here as soon as possible. Conditions of linking are that you provide a reciprocal link from your site back to the front page of this site, ie: and that your site is clean and does not contain any illegal material or links to illegal material, such as but not limited to pornography, paedophilia, wares, music or videos not owned by you, hacking tutorials, terrorism and bomb making, etc.

We will not link to personal websites or commercial websites unless there is a special reason given for requesting such links. We will also not link to chatroom websites that do not represent chatrooms hosted on our network.