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Apply for web hosting

Please fill out the following form to open a free web hosting account. Please note that:

  • Nickname = Your main IRC nickname.
  • Email = a valid email address. (You won't get spammed from here)
  • Room name(s) = The room your new website will represent.
  • Rank on access list = What level of host you are. (Founder, SOP, AOP, HOP, VOP)
  • Account name = either your room name or an abbreviation of one or more room names.

Please check all entries before sending. Your website URL, if approved, will be in the form of<account-name>/ so the 'first in first served' rule applies, though it will generally be frowned on to apply for an account whose name matches the room name belonging to someone else. Note that the webspace does not come with an email account. Please register with a free provider of email services or use your ISP email account.

After applying you will receive an automatically generated system email from this site explaining that the approval process for your site has begun. All applications will be dealt with as soon as possible but can take upto three days in some cases. If your application is approved you will receive a further system generated email explaining that you now have an account and also containing the connection details and a couple of simple ways of connecting to the FTP server to upload your website.

Please note that this free webspace does not come with support, lessons on how to build a website, lessons in server-side scripting, etc. You will need to learn these things yourself or use an application such as MS Word, MS Frontpage, Dreamweaver or even be l337 and use Notepad and type all the code. :-)

Good luck with your application!